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Meet Marvin,

This Worry Yummy just loves to explore and have fun. He is fierce enough to take on the scariest fears out there. Marvin has a blue body and magical wings. He uses them to fly high up in the sky to find anyone in need of help. Time for dinner!

Meet Zipper,

She loves to make everyone giggle, which isn’t hard with 3 googly eyes! Zipper has rainbow horns and a matching belly which when you rub, it spreads joy to every boy and girl! She just can’t wait to eat your worries and put a smile on your little ones face...

Meet Hank,

A gentle giant with one big eye, so he can spot your tears from a mile away! Give this monster a cuddle and your fears will melt away instantly. Hank has a huge row of gnashers ready to knaw away at your biggest fears. Zip him up and feel a sense of relief...

Meet Munch,

Munch has a fluffy red body, and a rainbow belly which is soft and comforting making him the friendliest monster around. Along with his huge mouth, ready to un-zip and take all your fears away. Rumble! Looks like the monsters have got some work to do...

Who are The Worry Yummies?

Worry Yummies are a line of adorable and quirky toys that are designed to help children cope with feelings of anxiety and stress. These toys are made from soft, high-quality materials and feature unique and whimsical designs that are sure to delight children of all ages.

One of the standout features of Worry Yummies is their zip mouth - an easy to use opening, which gives you access to a pocket located inside the toy's body. Where children can place a written note or small object representing their worry. This provides a tangible way for children to express and release their worries, and can help them feel more in control of their emotions.

The Worry Yummies toy range includes a variety of different characters, each with their own unique design and personality. From the friendly and comforting "Zipper" to the adventurous and curious "Marvin", there is a Worry Yummy to suit every child's tastes.

Furthermore, the company behind Worry Yummies, is working with mental health experts and charities to ensure that the toys and are as effective as possible in helping children cope with anxiety and stress.

In conclusion, Worry Yummies are a unique and innovative line of toys that are designed to help children cope with feelings of anxiety and stress. The combination of a tangible worry pocket, free printable worksheets and the soft and comforting design make these toys a valuable tool for parents and caregivers looking to support their child's emotional well-being.

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