Worry Monsters for Schools

Introducing our Worry Yummy Soft Toy Monsters! Are you searching for a delightful way to instill comfort and joy in your school? Look no further than our cuddly companions, Worry Yummy Soft Toy Monsters! These vibrant and huggable monsters are the ideal buddies for students of all ages, providing a source of hope, solace, and tranquility during challenging moments.

At Worry Yummy, we recognise the significance of fostering a caring and encouraging atmosphere in educational settings. Hence, we extend special programs and exclusive discounts to schools eager to integrate our monsters as a valuable tool for emotional support and overall well-being.

Crafted with precision and consideration, our Worry Yummy monsters offer warmth and companionship to students. Each monster boasts a plush and gentle composition, available in an array of lively colours.

By incorporating Worry Yummy monsters into your school environment, you can cultivate a positive and inclusive culture where students feel secure, supported, and understood. These monsters can serve various purposes, such as:

  1. Providing solace to students during challenging moments
  2. Assisting in emotional regulation and self-soothing
  3. Fostering empathy and compassion among students
  4. Cultivating a sense of belonging and connection

Our dedicated team at Worry Yummy is committed to aiding schools in establishing a nurturing and inclusive ambiance. We provide flexible options tailored to your school's needs, like bulk discounts. Whether you wish to distribute monsters to individual students, classrooms, or embark on school-wide initiatives, we are here to collaborate with you to determine the most suitable solution.

If you're intrigued by the idea of incorporating Worry Yummy monsters into your school, we invite you to reach out to our devoted team at carmen@ilfdgroup.co.uk. Let's engage in a discussion about your requirements and explore how Worry Yummy Soft Toy Monsters can bring comfort and delight to your students at a specially discounted rate.

At Worry Yummy, we firmly believe that every student deserves a supportive and nurturing environment. Allow us to assist you in creating that environment with our delightful and soothing soft toy monsters. Together, we can positively impact the lives of students and champion emotional well-being in schools.

In the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, like everyone we saw a significant rise in anxiety, not only in adults but children too. So we went looking for the perfect aid to help people of all ages. We came across the traditional Guatemalan worry doll concept which is celebrated all over the world. It is a similar practice which we were inspired by to create a soft toy with zip mouth that could banish a childs fears in both the physical and metaphmetaphorical sense.

The idea behind the monsters that eat your worries, is that children write down or draw a picture of what's upsetting them and put it into the toys mouth, which is then zipped shut, banishing their worries. Now with thousands or raving reviews and recommended by top childrens psychologists, the concept has been adopted by parents all across the globe. These little monsters are proven to reduce anxiety and changing the lives of little ones. That is why schools and charities are teaming up with us to bring the brand to life and bring awareness to childrens mental health. 

The Design

The Worry Yummys are a unique childrens soft toy range, dedicated to improving communication between parent and child. Our in house design team created Hank, Marvin, Munch and Zipper. Four friendly monsters looking to eat your childs fears, in turn allowing parents and teachers alike to find out what has been troubling them.

We wanted to create four unique designs which each have an indivdual personality, to also show children that it is okay to be different. Also, we have found due to the new craze with fidget toys, the zip feature also makes the soft toy increasingly popular for kids with ADHD, Anxiety and Autism to help settle them.

How does the concept work?

The Journey

Since launch in mid 2020, we began selling across marketplace platforms in UK and internationally. We have sold over 30k units, along with donating and offering discounts to schools and psypsychologists who have adopted the concept.

We aim to make the Worry Yummy brand more accesaccessible to children globally so we can help be part of a brighter future. So we welcome you to contact us for any charitible oppurtunities. You can see our work with Bounce Brighter Futures on their website or on our social media.

Join us to spread the word.


Meet Marvin, the troublemaker! This Worry Yummy just loves to explore and have fun. He is fierce enough to take on the scariest fears out there. Marvin has a blue body and magical wings. He uses them to fly high up in the sky to find anyone in need of help. Time for dinner!

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Meet Zipper, the silliest worry yummy. She loves to make everyone giggle, which isn’t hard with 3 googly eyes! Zipper has rainbow horns and a matching belly which when you rub, it spreads joy to every boy and girl! She just can’t wait to eat your worries and put a smile on your little ones face...

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Meet Hank, the kindest worry yummy. He is a gentle giant with one big eye, so he can spot your tears from a mile away! Give this big monster a cuddle and your childs fears will melt away in an instant. Hank has a green fluffy body and a huge row of gnashers ready to knaw away at your biggest fears. Simply zip him up and feel a sense of relief...

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Meet Munch, the bravest worry yummy of all. When his tummy starts to rumble he is sure to be hungry enough to tackle your biggest worry for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Munch has a fluffy red body, and a rainbow belly which is soft and comforting. Along with his huge mouth, ready to un-zip and take all your fears away. Rumble! Looks like the monsters have got some work to do...

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